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The vision for Canada’s Biggest Wildlife Garden connects Toronto to Windsor with healthy habitat to save local wildlife, water, and our way of life.

The seeds we plant today will define our future. Thousands of people are growing hope with native plants to address the triple threat of extinction, climate, and health crises in the spirit and practice of reconciliation.

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Track your garden site today. You will earn Healthy Garden Points. Plus, the Tracker will give you tips about healthy gardens. When completed, you will unlock unique garden guides, an expert hotline, and a network of partners

Grow at your own pace. Start with one or a few native plants or get help from experts to set yourself up for success.

Your garden can grow a green future for wildlife and people in your neighborhood. Get Healthy Garden Points. Join the community. Explore nature. Share. Help wildlife. Get climate-smart. Count your garden in today. Start now BEFORE you plant.

Climate-smart Neighbourhoods for All

Celebrating Indigenous Leadership
Carolinian Canada honours the diverse histories and contributions of Indigenous peoples. Learn more about the Indigenous Leadership Pillar.
Canada’s Biggest Wildlife Garden
Connecting 10,000 volunteers at home is a first critical step to save disappearing wildlife and grow healthy climate-smart neighborhoods for wildlife and people.
Articles, News & Events
Read more about ITZ and find a gardening event near you!

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Your garden can grow a green future for wildlife and people in your neighbourhood. Get Healthy Garden Points, join our community, explore nature, share your knowledge, help wildlife, and get climate-smart. Count your garden in today and start BEFORE you plant!

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